Back to work // Montreal children and family photographer

I am so happy to announce that I am slowly but surely coming back to work. I took a half -a-year break from my photography business. The past several months were so hectic, yet filled with so many happy events: we bought our first house, I went to a photo conference in Salt-Lake city, we did a 2-week vacation in New York and Bermuda and I have my photo studio now!


Children and family photographer Montreal

Children and family photographer Montreal

Children and family photographer Montreal

Children and family photographer Montreal

Children and family photographer Montreal

Speed photo sessions

Last week a friend of mine asked me to run a super quick photo session. They have moved recently into a new home so she wants to create some wall art for the living room. As I arrived, their little girl was already getting tired. So we had to be super quick. We shot for maybe 10 minutes tops and here is the result:

family photo session Montreal-8295

family photo session Montreal-8307

family photo session Montreal-8311

family photo session Montreal-8312

family photo session Montreal-8331

And here is what I suggested her as her living room wall display:

Wall display

That made me thinking…maybe there’s people who want just a couple of new family pictures to update their wall displays. Or maybe they need a nice portrait of their growing child but they don’t want to have a full-size photo session and, on the other hand, they want something more customized than a chain store. Well, for such occasions I decided to offer a new service for a limited time: “speed photo session”.

For $150 you get:

– a brief pre-session consultation over the phone or email

– a 15-20 minutes photo-session. Only one outfit and one set up is allowed (if it’s on your couch, then it’s only on your couch; if it’s in your backyard, then it’s only in your backyard…)

– 6 edited images via direct download

– wall display project (prints and frames are at extra charge)

family photo session Montreal-8318

If that sounds interesting or in case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 514-451-5145 or shoot me an email at

family photo session Montreal-8341



Newborn William and his family

I will never forget this family for several reasons. First-of-all, I did their photo session being already in labor. I started having contractions the night before their shoot. Luckily the contractions were still quite mild and irregular. So I was able to do my job (It was very important to do the session there and then because their newborn son William was already almost two weeks old.  It was already a challenge to make him sleep during the session. Had we waited any time longer, it would’ve been impossible).

And secondly because they are very nice people! They also have two boys like us, with a small difference in age. Wonderful family, very warm and pleasant. I wish them all the best! And may their boys be their pride and joy!

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