Apple inspiration!

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took our son on his very first apple-picking trip. We had such a great time! Turned out my baby really loves apples. I mean REALLY!

While my husband was picking the apples from the trees and trying to fill up the basket, Ivan was taking the apples FROM the basket and trying to taste every single one. And I…well, I was taking pictures.

Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t come out very nice as the sun was very harsh.

Apple picking

But I really wanted to capture Ivan’s love with the apple. So the following day I put my baby in the big basket, filled it up with apples and let him do whatever he felt like doing. And this is what came out of it: nice pictures, some precious moments captured, lots of fun during the photo session and a big apple pie made with those half-eaten apples.

Baby in a basket of apples

Baby in the basket of apples

Baby in the basket of apples